Just as every person impacted by Rett syndrome is different, so too is their experience. Whether living with Rett, caring for a loved one, or advocating on behalf of the greater community, every journey is made up of its own unique moments.

Join us by uploading a photo of your moment during Rett Syndrome Awareness Month this October. This may be a photo that brings you joy, a family outing, or a photo of you raising awareness. Follow along as submitted photos come together to reveal a unique mosaic based on art created by Emily Shifflet, a 27-year-old artist living with Rett.

About the Artist
Confetti: Eye Gaze Design by Emily Shifflet

Artist Photo
Photo by Paul Nguyen
About the Artist
Confetti: Eye Gaze Design by Emily Shifflet

Emily is an artist living with Rett syndrome who uses eye tracking and eye control software to paint her designs. Art has played an essential part in Emily's life since the moment her therapist installed a digital painter software on her communication device, releasing her inner artist. Emily's work has been displayed at Penn State Hershey Medical Center and The ARC of Pennsylvania, with guest artist residencies at Splat Family Art Studio in Annville and Hershey.

In addition to creating her art, Emily loves music, wheelchair dancing, and watching all forms of creativity. She is a silent partner in a business, a yogini, an ice skater, and a patient educator for medical students at Penn State Hershey Medical Center. Learn more about Emily here.
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